Welcome to our website all of our windsocks are made in the U.S.A tyvek  bags are  19" long and 14" wide bags are collared and grometed with drain holes in bottom of bag so no water fill up designs are silk screened backbone supports and head are all 1 piece 4mm corrogated plastic come with INNER BAGS THAT MAKE ABSOULUTLY NO NOISE ON A WINDY DAY ALSO HELP for those non wind days to give a fullbody apperance come with 24" spring tempered stainless steel hook stake WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT USES SPRING TEMPERED STAKES ALSO COME WITH WINGLOCKER NEOPRENE WASHERS YOU SLIDE ON STAKES SO DECOYS WILL NEVER FALL DOWN STAKES AND NO MORE GLUEING OF STAKES. Our decoys start bouncing around as little as 5 mph of wind guarenteed.High quality decoys at a great price and made in the U.S.A.Call 609-374-2428 or 610-369-0125 to order our prices won't be beat these are quality decoys at great prices and all made in the U.S.A.   HEADED SNOWS OR JUVY SNOWS ARE ONLY 38.00 A DOZEN WHEN ORDERING 10 DOZEN OR MORE decoys come completely assembled you just slide the stake in the pre drilled hole on the decoy so thier is no heating of stakes.  Order any headless  snow goose windsock  or juvy snow goose decoys and PAY ONLY 35.00 A DOZEN WHEN ORDERING 10 DOZEN OR MORE Reminder numbers and movement kill snow geese not over priced windsocks made in CHINA all our decoys are proudly made in the won't find any other windsocks at this price made in the U.S.A.oorder 20 dozen or more snow goose decoys andpay only $40.00 a